Using the Sutra and in our Daily Practice

According to the Oxford English dictionary, a sutra is “a rule or aphorism in Sanskrit literature.” Sutra literally translates into ‘thread, rule.’ It also comes from the verb siv , which means ‘to sew.’ One can think of the Yoga Sutras as a woven together manual or practical handbook, as Satchidananda denotes. It is an effective tool for learning about yoga, because the concise text makes it easier to absorb a section (or sections) at a time. One is able to put the Sutras down, and pick them up again, very differently from a novel. Satchidananda states, “let us slowly try to understand more and what little we understand, let us try to practice. Practice is the most important factor in Yoga.” In addition, it allows for our understanding of a sutra to evolve, like yoga itself.

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